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we're raising a cat-dog.

It's been a while since I shared some of our quirks and joys. We're quite used to most things Mongolian but some things you can't do anything but laugh about. Hope you enjoy...

1. A few weeks ago our oven just stopped working. We were about to bake something luckily we were able to cook it on the stove top as well. So, we just made do with our stove top and exhausted nearly every Mongolia-possible recipe we knew.

We waited for further instructions on what to do about our bake-less situation. In the meantime, we borrowed a microwave from Helen (our boss here). The next day, we got a new, shiny, wonderful oven. It has actual temperatures on it, unlike our old oven. Needless to say, we were more than excited. We baked a peach cobbler in it.

You can find a full report on all things cooking and baking, specifically our new oven, here, at our baking blog.

2. Spring has arrived in Mongolia. Well, it is arriving--it's a little bit of a slow process. While my friends in the South are already wearing shorts, we're breaking out our smaller coats with less pairs of long underwear.

Spring is an interesting term here--a relative term. Mongolians tell me that sometimes spring is nice, and some days it is just like winter. 35 degrees (that's warm!) one day and snowing non-stop the next. This Alabamian is over winter. My hammock that I promptly put up after are return from Cambodia (in January!) is waiting oh so patiently on our balcony.

3. Our cat is literally crazy. We are convinced that Dobby lived outside before we adopted her. She really likes is obsessed with our plants...well mainly, the dirt. Yesterday, she spent the day trying to empty the contents of one of our planters just to play in the dirt. Weirdo.

She also has become very, very fascinated (again, obsessed) with water. When one of us is in the shower, she cries outside the door because she wants to come in so badly. Countless times during a day, you can walk past the bathroom and find her sitting in the sink, staring at the faucet. The best part is she looks at you like she is doing something wrong. Somewhere deep down inside I think she knows it's not normal for cats to like water. Weirdo, I say!

And most recently we've decided she must have been raised by dogs. She loves chewing things, lately her chew-of-choice is paper. Don't leave anything out you care about. She'll rip it to shreds. I literally watched her eat a piece of paper the other day. Weirdo, weirdo, weirdo.

Though weirdo she may be, we're thankful for her crazy company.


  1. You speak truth sister girl :-)

    We have a crazy, insane cat. Who does crazy, insane things. And yet we love her.

    And all of Mongolia wonders why.


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