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Showing posts from April, 2011
hiatus is a bit of an understatement, i would say.
it's been more than a while since i updated.
i have packed up, cleaned up, flown across the world, debriefed, unpacked, started cleaning and pretended to re-pack since i last wrote. that's a lot of packing...
i would assume you would be able to gather from the "flown across the world" part that i am no longer in Mongolia. i am now in America. it's hard to believe.
since march 5th i have been America figuring life out, again. on the 7th of april [next thursday] i will be moving to Washington DC.
in the days, hours, minutes...seconds since march 5th i have been desperately trying to find the words to speak about the place i have come to call home.
Mongolia. not something you can sum up in words and not something that i can process in x days.
so, there's the purpose for the hiatus. i am literally and painfully wordless about what it means to be here.
the reason i'm writing today is that i think the words are st…