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hiatus is a bit of an understatement, i would say.

it's been more than a while since i updated.

i have packed up, cleaned up, flown across the world, debriefed, unpacked, started cleaning and pretended to re-pack since i last wrote. that's a lot of packing...

i would assume you would be able to gather from the "flown across the world" part that i am no longer in Mongolia. i am now in America. it's hard to believe.

since march 5th i have been America figuring life out, again. on the 7th of april [next thursday] i will be moving to Washington DC.

in the days, hours, minutes...seconds since march 5th i have been desperately trying to find the words to speak about the place i have come to call home.

Mongolia. not something you can sum up in words and not something that i can process in x days.

so, there's the purpose for the hiatus. i am literally and painfully wordless about what it means to be here.

the reason i'm writing today is that i think the words are starting to form and they need to be let out. so hopefully, that means i will be able to share some of those thoughts with you all soon.

until then, let the hiatus continue.


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naked gers.

though they are dainty, they are still yellow and a welcomed sight after such a long winter.
summer school is essentially code for: let's play outside.
blue skies are in abundance and make me feel anything but blue.
naked gers are almost as much fun as clothed ones.

an ant story.

it won't be as cute as a baby story, on tlc, but it is a story.
a story of a family. a colony. scavengers.
this, my friends is the story of the ants who took up residence in my work desk drawer.
it's a friday afternoon and i was thinking of a snack from my food drawer [yes, i have a food drawer].
i knew i had some rice cakes in there and i was hungry for just that.
as i opened the door, my mouth flung ajar, for what did i see but a million ants. that's right, a million.
i had seen ants all morning, here and there, but not enough to be alarmed. i thought they were the lone rangers--exploring out on their own. little did i know, they were scouting out the rest of the desk for crumbs and goodies.
i looked at the ants for probably a minute straight--doing nothing, simply mesmerized by their pure existence.

i snapped back into reality and tried to find the source...what were they after?!
it sure wasn't the rice cakes because there wasn't even a single one on them [not sure …

"...a vital piece of luggage..."

3 months. 90 days. just yesterday. forever.

It has been 3 months since I left mongolia. Some days it feels like I was there just yesterday while others it feels like these have been the longest 3 months of my life.

I neglect writing about this painful time because I still can't seem to find the right words that could describe the emotions and thoughts that I have.

No words suffice.

No amount of tears calm.

No hugs or "it's gonna get better"s really change much.

I ache. I long to be in that place again.

Yesterday, Erin and I were talking about what we say and think when people ask 1. "If we miss Mongolia?" and 2. "What do we miss the most?"

If you know us at all, you know that the first question will hardly make us pause, it will cause us to chuckle and say, "Yes, I miss Mongolia desperately." And that is the truth. Which always leads to the second question. Which is harder to answer.

I usually give the answer "The people are what I miss the …