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people like this...

I'm thankful for people like this...

...who give with joy.

people that know we're all connected.

that know that one day we might be the one needing help.

The Pioneer Woman is giving $.25 for each comment left on her post to the relief efforts from the recent tornadoes in my beloved state.

...on top of that, she's giving 4 $500 donations to those comment's favorite organizations.

go. comment.

ebb. ebb. ebb.

from a book i'm reading...
"well, learning to pray and communicate from the present seat of your emotions is part of learning to be awake and aware of life around you and within you. You are a very intelligent [person], (insert name), but sometimes we can get addicted to our minds just like an alcoholic becomes addicted to the bottle to cope. Sometimes we can overanalyze God's presence in our lives, always looking for sings to interpret. Sometimes the most faithful prayers are the questions we bring to God."
-pg. 67, Reluctant Pilgrim by: Enuma Okoro
questions are more than ok. not feeling present where you are is more than ok. mourning and grieving are more than ok. what's not ok is staying there. there is no time in our life in which we are supposed to stay exactly the same. we move back and forward. we ebb and flow [i'm never gonna quit bringing that up]. we are supposed to because that's how we change.
and if you're like me, i don't want to stay…