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Showing posts from August, 2009
life ebbs and flows.
life moves forward and back.
life is joyful and difficult.
life is a balancing act.

for a little while now I have known that I will be heading to Mongolia next.

between playing with kids in Auburn and researching mysterious Mongolia, I have settled into a transitioning state.

this transition, I have come to realize, is the most monumental and challenging transition I may ever face.

part of this process requires a great deal of reflection. reflecting on my time in Auburn stirs many emotions. many things have been very difficult here. but many things have been absolutely radiant. I learned a lot about neighbors and what it looks like to love them [thank you for that.] I also learned more about living in community than I ever thought possible. my NINE beautiful roommates have blessed me with immeasurable amounts of joy, wisdom and shown me truth [thank you toomer house for holding us all so gently].

this transition has brought about so much joy through my reflections…