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A letter

A letter to the men and women of Mobile, Alabama, specifically many of the University of South Alabama Wesley Foundation students; with whom I have spent some 700+ days learning and growing. 
To my brothers and sisters: 
I am writing to you to express first of all, my gratitude. I thank God for bringing me to you and you to me. You have profoundly impacted my life in ways I will continue to unpack for years to come. You all have shown me so much about God, the world, others and myself. Our time together was truly a blessing and I look forward to watching and praying with you all as you walk into new steps of your lives. 
I also want to share with you a prayer. I wrote this prayer for you all to encourage and challenge you because there is a lot of work left to do. The work of the Kingdom is found in every single corner of our world. It is our job to accept the work and to figure out our place within the work. It is important that you love and care for the place where you find yourself. …

Among the Trees

Rhythm, or out of rhythm rather, is how I feel most days lately.

I am among change and transition. My thoughts linger between what has been and what will come. Some days I hardly feel like I am present to the moments that surround me. I am here but I am more elsewhere.

I like change...mostly. Change brings about new sight, seeing things and places with fresh eyes. Change is also exhausting. Learning where things go, how things work and how you fit.

I find more pain in transition than in change, though. Transition begs for time to process. Transition requires you to sit among the things you've learned and unlearned in a time frame and to think about how this pushes you onto the next thing. Transition asks me to be aware of how I have been and who I want to carry with me to the next place. Transition is the mental process of the action of change for me.

Not so long from now I will finish a master's degree in social work. I will tie up my time working at my current job and I wil…