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life ebbs and flows.
life moves forward and back.
life is joyful and difficult.
life is a balancing act.

for a little while now I have known that I will be heading to Mongolia next.

between playing with kids in Auburn and researching mysterious Mongolia, I have settled into a transitioning state.

this transition, I have come to realize, is the most monumental and challenging transition I may ever face.

part of this process requires a great deal of reflection. reflecting on my time in Auburn stirs many emotions. many things have been very difficult here. but many things have been absolutely radiant. I learned a lot about neighbors and what it looks like to love them [thank you for that.] I also learned more about living in community than I ever thought possible. my NINE beautiful roommates have blessed me with immeasurable amounts of joy, wisdom and shown me truth [thank you toomer house for holding us all so gently].

this transition has brought about so much joy through my reflections but it has also shown me reality. the reality is that this time, this place, these people will never be the same. things will never be the same again. with that reality comes a sadness, a mourning and grieving period. but that is just what life is about for me. the balance of it all. through that sadness I can see the beauty more vividly.

without this time, without this place, without you people it would not be possible for me to have grown into the confidence that the Lord will in fact take care of me, even in Mongolia. because of the love He has given me through you, I am not afraid.

through this quiet, inner reflection and mourning period I have come to see that I am a loved, free, 22 year old young lady who has tasted and seen that the Lord is good. and now, I am ready to go taste and see more.

as for now, I will continue to honor the past, where I have come from and to be ever-thankful for it.
I will continue the research of one of the most mysterious places on the earth.

now, I ask you to pray for me as I have already begun to prepare my heart for this upcoming move. I am more than excited and anxious about expanding my love for the world. but, I ask you to pray with me for the people there. please pray that God would be readying their hearts as well. pray that God would keep preparing the path for us to connect to one another.

pray for yourself, too. pray that you would pray these things for the people around you, wherever you are.

this life ebbs and flows in the most unique ways--all so that we can see that this balancing act is quite beautiful and radiant.


  1. Holli. You have a blog. And it is beautiful. I can't wait to read more.

  2. i like it. although it did make me sad. miss you bud. i'll be praying for you.

  3. Holli, I read your letter and your blog and was so touched by your heart for God and His people. I'm so excited for you and proud of the way you are following God. I'm so thankful I got to see you in Mississippi. Treasured memories. I will pray for you and keep updated with your blog. God is a great BIG God & He is faithful. Bless you my dear niece.
    Aunt Karen

  4. you write beautifuly. don't stop. don't forget it in mongolia. don't forget us!


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