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H1N1 blues...

We had our big meeting today which ended up meaning we made faces across the table with Batkhuu (he works at the church), for a while. The other missionaries bounced back and forth in a seemingly colorful, Korean conversation. The rest of us didn't know what in the world they were talking about so we waited patiently to have an explanation.

When we all came together to speak in English, we discussed all the different opportunities and ministries at the churches. We decided that Erin and I will separate and serve at two different churches. We will each serve at one church for about 8 months and then swap to the other church for the next 8 months. This way we get to know a lot of people and can really be involved in a lot of different ways.

Some of the ministries include:

visiting women at a detention center
a literacy program for children
teaching English (I think we could do this all day, everyday if we wanted to)
a youth and college aged worship service in English
after school programs
a school for children moving into the city from the countryside
bible studies
Sunday school for all ages
small groups

I'm sure I'm leaving out something but you get the picture. There are so many different opportunities that I don't even know what to say I want to get involved with. I think we could do a little bit of it all with some careful planning and conversations, but I don't know really how to go about that just yet. I'm thankful we get some time to think and pray about how God is leading us.

We won't be able to start anything for a while due to H1N1. The schools are shut down, everything closes early and even the black market is closed. We cannot have Sunday school right now or even teach English classes.

So now we wait.

The missionary couple that is here (part of the Korean speakers) is planning to take us to the National Park for a picnic and some sight-seeing next week. I'm really excited about spending more time with them and their two adorable daughters. We also might get to visit with some women at the detention center and get to visit more families with the hospice nurses and doctors, as well.

Big news: We asked all of the missionaries if they wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. They were all really excited about it so Erin and I will be working on a Mongolian-Thanksgiving menu between now and then, which will prove interesting, I am certain. We are really excited about this opportunity to show some of our gratitude for all of their hospitality.

Each day I wake up and am more and more grateful to be here. I already feel like one day the words written in my picture will be a true reflection of how my heart feels.


  1. It sounds like you have some exciting opportunities. I know that you will touch many lives there, and they will love you as we do. We pray for you every day. Lauren, Jack & Carter send their love too! I can't wait to hear your Thanksgiving menu! Love you!

  2. Holli I'm so excited that you're beginning to fall in love with Mongolia! :) And we'll have to chat about our Thanksgiving menus...I'm planning one for the first time ever! :)

  3. Hey Holli, You are so precious. Those people are so blessed to have you in their lives... just as we are! I love catching up with you through your blog. I feel like we have had a visit. Take care and i hope that you feel our love and prayers.

  4. Holli,
    Your dear Aunt Karen has shared your posts with me and I am now following your blogs and praying for you and Erin. Blessings. Sandy


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