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For your enjoyment and, the latest quirks and joys:

1. The number one thing to do on the "Things to do in UB" list is visit the post office. We visited the post office and sent some postcards, however we have no idea if the stamps we got actually are international. They just gave us two for each postcard. So, watch your mail boxes! Also, I'm pretty sure there is a little tiny person in the box that you slide your mail in, I'll be sure to take a picture next time we go.

2. At each bus station there are buses and microbuses. The microbuses (basically like a taxi-van) are the more interesting. For starters, there is a person who sits right inside the sliding door to take money and to yell some Mongolian jibberish that I say must be, "COME-AND-GET-OUR-BUS! COME-AND-GET-ON-OUR-BUS! IT-IS-BETTER-THAN-THEIRS!"(make sure you slur it all together). How's that for competition? Along with the microyeller, there are about 30 other people in each bus. Crammed in is an understatement, all to make about 200-400 tugrug (which comes out to somewhere around 40 cents).

3. While on our walk to the church a couple of mornings ago, the moisture from our breath froze both our hair and our scarves.

4. There are no such things as refrigerators in Mongolia. You have the big freezer and the little freezer. Our tomatoes can prove that, they're frozen solid right now. I didn't even know that was possible.

5. On Monday, we had our second tutoring lesson with Enkhuush (Batkhuu's son). His English is really good and just needs to practice. So, in an effort to help him practice, we asked him about food and how it is cooked in Mongolia. He started telling us about animals and how they are cooked. He kept stumbling over one word, one part of the animal. So, he finally looked it up in the dictionary. Erin read the word out loud...scrotum. It was all I could do not to crack up (I know I'm like a middle schooler). When someone gave me homemade dumplings recently, all I could think about was that the meat inside was scrotum.

6. We recently attempted to pay our bills. We had no idea it would lead us to about 6 different buildings and we couldn't even pay all of them on that day. By the end of our journey, I had no idea what we had payed for our honestly how much it ended up being.

At this current moment, I can think of several more quirks but I will spare you. These were long and required a lot of back story. I hope you enjoyed them.


  1. We got the postcard!!
    It worked.
    Loved the one you picked for us!


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